Uncommon Scary Computer Attacks

Sometimes we are not aware but internet is one of the scariest place you can be if you are not careful enough. There are many things that internet can do to harm our lives. One example is the viruses which will invade in our computer system and will destroy all the important data stored. There are also cases that our identity is stolen from us such as bank accounts which they will use for their personal needs and you ending up paying what they spend. These viruses, spywares, phishing and malwares are the most common things we heard that attacks people. But don’t you know that there are other more computer attacks that people may not ever hear before?

These attacks are not really common but as a computer user we should aware of these things. In case you encounter them, you can be fully aware of how to protect the data of your computer. Here are some of them:

  1. Botnet. This type came from the word “Robot” and “Network”. Any computers that only have one owner will be attack and you will find them sending emails to other computer systems through internet.
  2. Smishing. It is short for SMS phishing that attacks specific users of mobile phones. The owner of the phone will receive a SMS that contains link where a malware is hidden and finds its way through your phone to seek information and that malware is connected to a phishing website.
  3. Scareware. This software tricks people into downloading or purchasing certain software which promises to repair or clean your computer. The problem here is it’s a bogus anti-virus that promises nothing.
  4. Pod Slurping. This attack will use any of your USB storage device that when plugged on the computer will save a large amount of files which will eat the space of your hard drive or memory.

These are some of the computer attacks that people are not familiar with. In case you encounter them, you can find solutions on the internet.

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