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Online Payment with Your Vanilla Visa Card

Have you receive a Vanilla Visa Gift Card on your birthday? Good for you since the card can be used to shop on any item you want. There are many stores who accept this card as form of payment. The card is under Visa which makes it easier to use. You can buy this kind of card on any stores and even in convenience. If you want to do online shopping, the card can also be accepted. There are many people who love to shop online because there are many choices to make. So, if you are planning to shop something on Amazon or other shopping sites, here are the things you need to do.

  1. You wish to check the vanillavisa.com balance on the card by going to the Vanilla Visa website. You have to input in the unique number, expiration date and then the CVV three digit combination of the card. It is actually found at the back of the card just after the signature.
  2. When you presently knew the balance, it’s essential to set up an account and also card online. In this way, you possibly can make an online payment using the card. Simply go towards the website written at the back part.
  3. ¬†While you’re on the internet site, you could enter in the card account number and the zip code of the place. Through this your purchase transaction is protected.
  4. ¬†Visit the website which you want to purchase a product. Purchase the merchandise you need to order after which just go on to the transaction site on the website. It’s important to enter in the account number of the Vanilla Visa gift card you have within the text field specified. It’s important to supply additionally other personal information inquired on your part.

You visit the website at Vanillavisa.com to get more info about the website.