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Inmate’s Release Date Search of TDCJ

Texas Department of Criminal Justice has opened the information regarding the inmates from Texas Jail, correctional and other private institution to public. For those who wanted to access certain information like release date, they can get it on different ways. How?image2

  1. Check that there are complete name plus the seven TDCJ number of the prisoner you can be browsing. If you happen to don’t know about TDCJ, you should use the state identification number or SID.
  2. You can search the Texas Department of Criminal Justice’s site of the offender. Each of the present and former inmates and parolees could be found on the online system. The TDCJ offender search website is one of the fastest way to obtain info.
  3. If you don’t can utilise the webpage, you’ll be able to email at classify@tdcj.state.tx.us together with the TDCJ number and the question of the release date of the offender. Be certain to generate the name of the inmate on the subject line of the mail. If you’re not confident regarding the TDCJ number, you should use the birth date, country of conviction or even age.
  4. Calling the Texas Department of Criminal Justice may also a different way to obtain the release date of the perpetrator. That is if you desire to get a brief reply than waiting for their email. Be sure you know the actual birth date, SID, and TDCJ number of the offender you will be searching.
  5. But if you aren’t sure about the TDCJ number, you can eventually pay a visit to the office and then for more questions to be replied on your part.
  6. Aside from the release date, it’s also possible to acquire data for instance the criminal offense done along with the criminal convictions of the prisoner.

Just pick what way you want that you think is the best one for you.