Macy’s Insite Employee Connection Features

imageIt is now easy to manage the thousand employees employed in Macy’s and Bloomingdale stores. Macy’s Insite is a system which manages employee information and other related work data. Employees are asked to sign up for their own account. In this way, they can access their pay checks, schedules at work or benefits from the company. Instead of hiring working staffs to do the job, the system will do it and process everything within just few minutes. It is beneficial to the company since it can save money from cutting some people to do the work.  You can read more about the system here at It is also very beneficial to the employees. How?

  1. Direct Deposit. The system will pay in your salaries into the bank even when you can’t. Workers won’t visit the bank while in lunch time to encash the check or make a deposit on the checking account. You can get an easy connection of one’s account even at the time of holidays. In conclusion, it’s possible to have your cash whenever you desire or within the emergency arise.
  2. Employee Connection. The content for this website is particularly designed for Macy’s associates. It includes instant access to any or all work related data of the staff. It is not just your own employee information, you could be also provided the option to socialize and also have posts together with other workers on Macy’s and Bloomingdale. Additionally, there is news from business or any troubles linked to other partners.
  3. In-site. The password secure system allows the workers to have a protected communication to their personal information. Any time you are, at home or outside, everyone can organize the details with their jobs, observe the pay records, benefits provided by the company, schedules at the job or their paid days off.


Past employees are not allowed to sign up for an account, only present employees. Registration would only take a few minutes using your employee ID given by the company.

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