Different Options In Paying My Premier Credit Card

Do you want to have a new clean credit history? If it started bad, First Premier Bank will help you establish again your ratings and allows you to apply for their First Premier credit card accounts. Just make sure this time all payments are made before or on due dates. There are three ways that the bank allows clients to pay. You can choose which convenient on your side.image

  1. Payments through telephone. If you intend to attain compensation by using telephone, it’s possible to call the customer support of the team at 1-800-987-5521. Click 1 for English after which 2 for payments. Second, press again 1 for telephone settlement selection. Afterward, enter in the credit card number within your keypad and wait around for a representative on the telephone. It’s going to inquire about your debit or bank account to process the payment.
  2. Payments through online. You will have to enrol your credit card for starters online by looking at their webpage and hit “Enroll Now”. You have to include your credit card number, the expiration date plus the three digits you can discover at the back of the card. It’s advisable to provide the name and the billing address of the card. Make your own username and password with your user. And finally, press the “Register Card” key. Now you may check out your page and manage your account. So next, select the “Pay My Bill” selection after which it creates your online user having a bank checking account.
  3. Payments through mail. Should you be paying by mail, you need to post a check or money on the bank. You will have to gather your latest billing statement and afterwards obtain the bottom part to be sent out with their money or check. You will need to mail it to the address on the bank.

Choose the method of your convenience on paying your My Premier Credit Card.

Options In Paying My Premier Credit Card

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